Your gift today will bring nutritious food and clean water to a child in need. The crisis in South Sudan is rapidly deteriorating.

Escalating violence and conflict, coupled with severe drought and crisis conditions has brought the nation of South Sudan to the brink of famine. An extreme lack of water and shockingly high food prices is forcing the poorest families to leave the safety of their homes in a desperate search for food and water, but they are finding nothing.

Rescue a family in crisis today for only $22.

Your heartfelt gift of $22 will provide a family with:

  • Emergency supplies for a family who have fled their home
  • Life-saving water
  • Counseling and care for traumatized children and parents

Families in crisis—without any food and water—cannot wait much longer.

Please send your best gift NOW and rescue a family in war-ravaged South Sudan. 

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World Concern is part of CRISTA Ministries a 501(c)(3) charity, World Concern's specific administration and fundraising costs are 14.4%, with 85.6% going to our programs that transform lives around the world. Wise stewardship matters at World Concern, and when donations exceed program needs or when local conditions prevent program execution, we will direct funds to similar activities.

89.6% of your donation goes towards programsYour gift is tax-deductible as allowed by U.S. law. Your personal and financial information is confidential and secure.

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To donate by phone call 1-800-755-5022